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The black or green colored gaskets really give these watches that extra bit of character that they need to be highly memorable. They are of course there for the functional purposes of water resistance and to keep dust out. For generations we have been interested in looking at watch movements to see how they work. I have a strong feeling that this early desire to peek under a watch's robes influenced watch makers to create such nicely decorated movements. It makes me wonder how some watch makers draw the line between "functional" and "aesthetic." Appreciation of timepieces inherently involves a love of mechanics and gadgetry. To know the items we appreciate are as complicated as our interests helps fuel our ongoing passions. MB&F's founder Max Busser and the team are as much gadget-holics as they are watch makers. Timepieces such as the HM2 Sapphire Visions are perfect intersections of these two interests.

After some years of development De GRISOGONO released a fantastic new caliber in a polarizing new timepiece with a name I can barely pronounce. Try saying "Otturatore" a few times really fast. I am sure that means something sexually satisfying in Italian, but this is a Swiss brand through and through. De GRISOGONO is a rare band in the US, but one that has a lot of cool and complex pieces. While a lot of brands like to call themselves "avant garde, " I have to say that De GRISOGONO actually is.

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I got to experience some of the interesting properties of silicon hair springs. Specially cut from silicon wafer, the springs have an incredible amount of elasticity. It is true that silicon can break, but it is not as brittle as you'd expect after the parts are formed. Witnessing some silicon balance spring stress testing I was incredibly impressed at the abuse it took before breaking. Nivarox is very dedicated to silicon, and will continue to not only continue to experiment with how to best use it, but also to mass produce it. I anticipate that Nivarox will likely become the main Swiss supplier of silicon hair springs, anchors, escapement wheels, and other parts in the near future.

I predicted in 2010 that the Calibre would soon have a bracelet option and in 2011 Cartier offered one. For me, the watch was now complete. Cartier is known for rather nice bracelets so it was a shame to see a new sport watch on just a strap. That is the one I wanted to review and so I did.

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