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It is really all the little details that makes this watch stand out. For example, did you notice there is no crown? Yup, none. The watch caseback is used to adjust and manually wind the watch (though the movement is automatic). So you see those little balled nubs in gold around the back of the case, those are to help twist it. The time can even be set under water. Cool right! There are almost no dive watches that can boast that. Inside the watch is the Pita-003 movement which I read is based on a modified ETA 2678. The movement will be modified with two patented systems which is necessary due to everything that is going on inside of the 18mm thick case of the Oceana watch. Did I also mention that is water resistant to 5000 meters? Yea, really nuts.

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My Modern Design Classic Watches Article On

My Modern Design Classic Watches Article On

Here in the Breitling Airwolf Raven, Breitling decided to add actual chronograph pushers instead of having all the functions be operated through the crown (in other Airwolf models as well). Other functions in the two negative LCD screens are a second timezone, alarm, countdown timer, and perpetual calendar. The chronograph function measures 1/100 of a second time. The hands of the watch are similar to those on the new 2009 Aerospace watch that are longer and have counterweights. I prefer the traditional Aerospace watch where only the second hand has a counter weight, but this is a minor point. Like the standard Breitling watch, the dial is cluttered with indicators from the slide rule around the dial that is operated via the rotating bezel. What Breitling does is place a chronograph seconds hand on the dial that is used for some of the functions around the dial. This is a unique touch that helps add a lot of increased functionality to this hybrid digital/analog watch.

Daniel Roth Endurer Chronosprint Watch Watch Releases

A watch may not immediately equate to romantic love, but when you get beyond the case and the dial, you do see love. Watches represent years of design, manufacturing, experimentation, etc. And they capture time. Which, as you offer a proposal of marriage, is all you are thinking about. You know, the forever part.

Can you please humor me for a moment and consider that this new line of NMX 300 watches from Nautica is perfect for Marvel's Ghost Rider. I am talking about the comic book character, as I actually never got to see the Nicholas Cage movie version that I was warned against. The Ghost Rider is your typical bad-ass biker with lots of dark leather and metal (not only on his person, but on the bike too!), and a flaming skull. In Ghost Rider's situation, the flaming skull is actually his head (at night) while on most other bikers who bear the image, it is in the form of a leather jacket stitch-on, or obnoxiously placed tattoo (not to self - consider how many bikers have Ghost Rider tattoos. Cool or cliche?).

Tissot T-Race Danica Patrick Chronograph 2009 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Suunto doesn't make just "watches," but rather "wrist-top computers." This new line of watches has been designed in partnership with the International Triathlon Union (ITU). That means the watches have been designed for some serious and specific training use. The traditional training watch was light weight, had some timing functions, and that is it. Later models enjoyed such functions like heart rate monitors, and other cool functions. But the Suunto t6c Red Arrow is light years ahead of the "past." The watch is part of an optional modular system of "Pods," which are units that are GPS devices, or others that fit on shoes, bicycles, etc.. .to help measure distance and cadence. In addition to all this available data, the t6c Red Arrow takes all this information together and has some clever software that not only logs and plots it for you, but helps to calculate calories burned, Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), and Training Benefit (which is a measurement of the aerobic benefit of a training session, on a one-to-five scale). Little else out there does this, and only just a few more of you are familiar with these scales to keep tabs on. However, it is quite important when you are a serious triathlon trainer, or other athletic professional. One of the best features of the watches are the customizable displays that give you optional information at a glance - be it the time, your speed, cadence, heart rate, etc... The benefit to you is being able to adapt accordingly with having second by second updated information.

Perrelet Jumping Hour Watch For 'Non Conformists' Watch Releases Perrelet watch company's new marketing message is that Perrelet watches are for non conformists. That is easy to say, but I like the message. It says me that they don't want everyone wearing their watches (Rolex) they want just a select few who really 'feel' when they experience what the brand has to offer. It is an interesting approach, but I think it works well for them.

What does the haute horology world need now? High-end Ralph Lauren watches of course. No less with movements from sibling watch companies IWC and Jaeger LeCoultre, all under parent Richemont Group. The Sporting Collection is my favorite line of new Ralph Lauren watches. I'd certainly "sport" one (cheesy pun), but it is unlikely I'd pay the price. I have a feeling that these watches, while very high in quality, will go the way of Panerai made (also part of the Richemont Group) Ferrari watches. Those started going at half of retail eventually. Just not the right type of marketing. For reference, here is a video of Ralph Lauren watches at SIHH back in January when they first launched.

Perrelet Diamond Flower Double Rotor Women's Watch Watch Releases

Hopefully you've heard of They are a good operation and really bring the authorized watch retail space to the Internet. Basically they have relationships with brands and watch retailers all over - and they work to inventory their watches together in one place and conduct sales for them. What this means to you, is that ViaLuxe is a place to get luxury watches online - a good thing. In the past if the particular watch you wanted was not near where you lived, you'd be out of luck. You might be aware that there is a hesitancy from luxury watch makers to enter the online sales world. Sites like ViaLuxe are helping to ease the big players into being OK with online sales - something I am a supporter of.

Keep checking for updates, surely to be posted as the year closes.

DeMonaco Carree d’Or Black Pearl Grand Tourbillon XP Watch Spotted

DeMonaco Carree d’Or Black Pearl Grand Tourbillon XP Watch Spotted

This was honestly not the easiest watch to review. You think it would be simple, but you basically have a limited edition Timex that you are talking about - made for J. Crew of all places (watch style incarnate right?). Regardless of these surface level facts, is a lot more to this watch than meets the eye. You first need to understand a bit about it, and what went in to it. Timex was called upon by J. Crew to design a classic looking military watch that could fall smack-dab in the center of an Americana photo-mosaic. Like stylish jeans, the watch was meant to look pre-vintaged. Like your Vietnam veteran relative worn it during the last two months of their tour of duty, brought it home, put it in a tin box, and then handed it to you after all this time - in good condition by aged. The J. Crew Timex Military vintage style watch does have a value in today's America, especially because it is a product of today's America.

The watches feature two "firsts."  Most obvious, is the unique chronograph pusher system that uses fold out levers to operate the chronograph. This helps prevent starting and stopping it accidentally. Second is the use of the Moon rock - in the way that it is used. Though I will add more images as I get them, you can't quite the see moon rock in these pictures. Notice the protruding section near 9 o'clock on the watch? The Moon rock is visible through the side of the watch there. Don't worry, the lunar rock is authenticated - and is of the rarest types of extraterrestrial materials found on Earth (much rarer than meteorites, and something that fell onto the Earth from the moon over 2000 years ago).

de GRISOGONO Fuso Quadrato Two Time Zone Watch Watch Releases

I am not convinced that the size of the dauphine hands is big enough for me. They are the perfect size for the smaller dial that appears on the machine textured dial when you open up the shutter, but when closed - they look stubby, really stubby. I'd have a feeling that they might look more odd if they where larger. On the sometimes hidden dial is a clever second time zone hour hand. Use it with the standard minutes hand for the other timezone. This is to be distinguished from a GMT hand, which shows the time on the 24 hour scale. The main dial is black via a PVD application, with the applied gold numerals that make for a very pretty face.

The BR Heritage will arrive in two model sizes, the 46mm wide BR Heritage BR 01-92, and the 42mm wide BR Heritage BR 03-92. Each comes with the (very slick looking) new branded thick leather strap. The case itself will have a different finish as well. Instead of the more modern machined look as the original line, the BR Heritage will have a bead-blasted carbon powder coating on the steel case — giving it a vintage aircraft instrument look. Inside the watch is still the ETA automatic mechanical 2892-2 movement.

Consider the association with cowboys my poetic license as a commentator, but the connection is just so obvious to me, this is clearly what is going on here. Notice how well the watches match the snakeskin boots. We aren’t just talking about cowboys, but luxury loving cow handlers. I recall once being in the outskirts of Montreal, and hearing on the radio what was actually French language country music. Not that such Quebec tunes had to do with France proper, but it would make an excellent soundtrack for this article.

Customize your Pita Oceana watch here.

Pontiac Watches Dead Long Before Car Maker Kicks Bucket Feature Articles

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Obsessive Attention To Unseen Detail, And Why I love Luxury Watch Decoration: Audemars Piguet Openworking Video

Obsessive Attention To Unseen Detail, And Why I love Luxury Watch Decoration: Audemars Piguet Openworking Video Mentioned On Evolving ABTW

There are four watches in collection with two dial colors and varying metals. The cases are large at 47mm wide. Each model has a fair amount of titanium and steel, while a few (such as the one pictured) also have rose gold built into the complex case construction (made up of 48 pieces). Each of the watch variations will be limited to just 60 pieces. Inside the watch is the LM05 automatic movement made specially for Louis Moinet. I appreciate that the movement is an automatic, and you can see the nice Cotes de Jura engraving on the movement and integrated into the rotor seamlessly. Looking in the face of the watch you see the guys of the retrograde complication which is mainly a large star gear, and a spring to shoot the hand band into position after each ten circulations of another gear. Despite this, I am not concerned that the movement is "too" complex - which is the case with many such movements and can be prone to damage. I have a hunch that the Tempograph will be relatively hardy.

While many companies won't like me saying this, a less than announced fact is that many watch makers these days have some or most of their parts made in China (movements often included). Even many high-end watch makers likely have something in the construction of the watch that is of Chinese origin. One exception are the rare (and expensive) watches with the Seal of Geneva, meaning they are the most Swiss made, "Swiss Made" watches around.

Franck Muller Triple Scale Chronograph Ratrappante Ref. 8883 Watch Watch Releases