Hamilton Khaki Flight Timer Watch

Hamilton Khaki Flight Timer Watch

According to Oris, the 4e RHFS watch (that totally could have been named better) was actually tested by the 4th regiment - which is pretty neat. Like I said, the watch is based on the Oris BC4 collection, but has some fun differences. First is the 42.7mm wide steel case (water resistant to 100 meters) with PVD gunmetal gray coating. It has an aviation style black leather strap with white stitching and a very easy to read dial.


Functionally the watch is sound, but it is more a complication watch that one designed to evoke a deep sense of elegance. Use of aluminum, the large size, iconic Admiral's Cup case, and the functions make this niche collectors watch - but one that I would totally want to travel around with. Like I said, it is very comfortable and easy to read. The movement is also neat looking, and being an automatic really makes it a convenient watch. Price is ,000 in aluminum and ,000 in red gold.

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