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While these technical chops are interesting (and of course meet the criteria of a quartz watch doing what a mechanical cannot), it is not the only story here. Junghans has created some clean, classic styles with these Junghans Force Mega Solar watches, along with incorporating a variety of materials – including ceramic, with one being made fully in ceramic, while another model combines steel and ceramic.

Of course, some people are simply going to hate the large indicator arc on the side of the watch. I mean it does detract from the sheer elegance of the design, but there are plenty of other more simple Seiko or other watches that don't have that feature. Having a Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive movement is about the love of interacting with your watch - similar to the pleasure many people have with their mechanical watches. Only in a Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive, you have all the accuracy and reliability of a quartz movement. The specific movement inside of the Seiko Sportura Kinetic Direct Drive is the caliber 5D22. The next move up from a Kinetic Direct Drive movement would be one of the thermo-compensated Seiko quartz movements (found in some of their high-end divers and Grand Seiko models), and then Spring Drive. Of course this is in the scope of quartz crystal regulated movements.

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Maximilian Büsser: In the late 80s, Ebel was, in Switzerland, the epitomy of cool. Pierre-Alain Blum had done an incredible job resuscitating the brand. While Rolex was still in the gold president bracelet watch attitude that did not interest any youngster, Ebel had launched the whole “Architects of Time” campaign, which hit the nail just right. Even Don Johnson was wearing an Ebel Chronograph in Miami Vice (amazingly, that was extremely cool back then)!

- Three-dimensional horological engine developed exclusively for HM6 by MB&F with David Candaux Horlogerie Créative
- Flying Tourbillon with retractable shield
- Iridescent green platinum 950 battle-axe automatic winding rotor
- Twin aluminum turbines driven by winding rotor
- Power reserve: 72h
- Balance frequency: 28,800bph/4Hz
- Number of components: 475
- Number of jewels: 68 jewels

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The Genie 03 comes in a 44.70 by 17.50 millimeter titanium case (including the anemometer in its closed position). The watch feel surprisingly light on the wrist, despite the fact that one would expect it to weigh considerably more with such a complex mechanism taking up a considerable part of it. The Speedmeter device however, with its 23 parts, turns out to be very light and relatively thin – in its retracted position – making for a watch that looks and wears very comfortably despite its size and looks.

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The guy who started Niall, Michael Wilson, comes from the marketing industry as the president of a company called Ingenology. Likely a watch lover himself, he saw an opportunity to create a company that was able to sell online directly to consumers and produce a timepiece that he really wanted to wear. Wilson likely learned quite quickly that producing a mechanical watch isn't at all easy. I have a feeling that one element behind the high price (comparatively speaking) for the Niall One watch models is just how expensive it was for them to actually get the watches made.

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Where the Tempest Forged Carbon really shines, though, is night-time legibility: the more frequently encountered C3 SuperLuminova has been swapped for BGW9 luminescent material. As per my personal experience, there are three main differences between C3 SuperLuminova and BGW9. First, the latter glows in pale blue, while the former in green. Second, during the daytime, the latter looks white (offering somewhat better contrast against a black dial), while the former tends to look more green during the day. Last, while I found that BGW9 lacks a bit of punch compared the C3 when its fully charged, it does last considerably longer. I was surprised to see just how bright and legible BGW9 remained early in the morning, over 8 hours after its last exposure to a light source. Even the small Tempest logo is painted with orange/yellow lume – and the production version will have a orange lumed seconds hand as well.

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This latter notion is important because collectors are often highly emotionally driven when it comes to what they purchase. Just a few collectors hot on particular products can completely alter the market because some of those items are very rare and collectors' purchasing habits are closely monitored. What that means is that the value of certain timepieces can go up several hundred percent for short durations of time, and such an increase in value has nothing to do with their actual inherent or comparable value, but rather because some collectors have a temporary interest in something. So, the moral of the story is that a combination of niche collector activity as well as zealousness from watch auction houses can result in inflated pricing that does not always relate to larger market demand, but rather what entities with a vested interest feel that market demand should be. In short, the best watch auction houses are experts in collector psychology as much as they are auctioning off goods.

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German Silver actually doesn't contain any silver and has the tendency to patina over time, as it develops a slightly golden hue. Those familiar with watches of this design and breed will surely recognize that the German watchmaker A. Lange & Sohne (Richemont Group cousin to Jaeger-LeCoultre) also makes use of primarily German Silver for their movement plates and bridges. The material helps give the movement in the Duometre watches an even more distinct look.

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For me, motivated by my new-found knowledge of the brand, the first pick was to start off with the Ernst Benz display. I wanted to see more of their watches & get some background from the man himself. Hearing him breakdown the different models, options, & variations was mind boggling. I sort of knew watches, but listening to Leonid made me feel like I never picked one up. His appreciation for his craft gets transferred on to you, and thanks to that, I'll never look at watches the same again.

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“This has been a longtime dream finally realized. To be able to hit the road with a company that grew up on the internet, go from city to city to meet up with watch enthusiasts – and to be able to connect and share with the most driven collectors – is an innovation and a thrill,” Whatley declared.

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Maximilian Büsser: Maximilian Büsser, the founder, owner, and creative director of MB&F.

What you need to understand is that the Joseph Iten Breitling collection is so rare because it was essentially a time capsule, and I have a feeling it was purchased in 1996 for a very reasonable price. Old World Jewelers probably made some nice returns on their investment over the years – especially as vintage timepieces started to become more and more popular. Finds like that for them are easily a once in a lifetime event. What are the odds that you'd be presented with the offer to buy that many vintage and totally unworn NOS watches from a name brand that is around today? Imagine if they were Rolexes.

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Beyond vetting a trade partner, an owner seeking a trade must become an expert in two watches: his own, and the one he desires. Part of preserving value is understanding it in the first place. Whether dealing with a pre-owned specialist or an individual owner, the most valuable trading chips are watches in superb cosmetic condition, functionally excellent, and complete with all factory accessories. Trade-seekers should know where they stand in each respect.

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While the movement sitting under the gray-tinted sapphire crystal was not meant to be shown off in this manner, it looks quite nice in its exposed state. Nicely polished, I am glad that Girard-Perregaux did not feel the need to skeletonize or embellish the movement in any particular manner. It is just the nice Girard-Perregaux caliber GP03300-0105 automatic movement doing its thing with a bit extra voyeurism added to its normal operation.

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