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Each time you look at the dial, you'll be reminded that, "yes, you are a discerning watch guy - who has a nose for value," and it is also a timepiece that lives merrily in a larger collection that contains mechanical watches as well, given that Kinetic Direct Drive movements make a place for themselves outside of the boredom most watch lovers get from "basic quartz movements." Retail price for this Seiko Premier Kinetic Direct Drive Moonphase ref. SRX008P1 watch is ,435.

Thoughts On Seeing The .6 Million Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 5175 Watch In The Flesh Hands-On

Whiplash Movie Editor Tom Cross Chooses Perfect Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch For Academy Awards Feature Articles

Zeitwinkel 273° Saphir Fumé Watch Watch Releases

The Arnold & Son DTE Double Tourbillon Escapement Dual Time watch case shape is quintessentially Arnold & Son and measures 43.5mm wide in 18k white gold. It is a very elegant design, with smooth, flowing lugs that affix to either a brown or black hand-stitched alligator strap – the choice is yours. The Arnold & Son DTE Double Tourbillon Escapement Dual Time watch is styled to match both colors well, which is a thoughtful touch that could well tip the scales for a potential purchaser. What this case does well is make its presence known without overbearing the main event. It is effectively a highly polished frame and it plays this role very well. It retains its own character thanks to the twin crowns (one at two and one at eight o'clock). Not only is their placement unusual (and totally functional), they are really beautifully fashioned things, featuring the proud logo of this historic brand. I'm a sucker for a good crown, and this one is up there as one of the best, in my opinion. Having two of them only makes it better and, for me, changes this case from boring to quietly cool.

The new movement now offers a most welcome 100-hour power reserve and a more generous diameter. The Zenith Elite 6150 adds an extra barrel to the original's singe-barrel construction, upping the power reserve from 55 to the aforementioned 100+ hour limit. Beyond adding some extra oomph to the caliber, Zenith has also concentrated on keeping it thin: this accumulation of 195 components is just 3.92 millimeters thick, allowing the brand to keep using the movement in elegant dress watches. The movement runs at 4 Hertz or 28,000 vibrations per hour, one step down from the El Primero's famous 5Hz/36,000 vph frequency. The functions of the 6150 include the indication of hours, minutes and central seconds – moving the seconds indication from the previous manufacture caliber's 9 o'clock position to this central location where it helps maintain the symmetry of the dial. At this point, we do not know whether the final version will have a sapphire crystal or solid metal case back, but we'll add this information as soon as it is made available.

When viewed in scope of the entire Ulysse Nardin collection, as well as their pursuit of innovation and excellence, the collaboration (and boat) make sense. For those familiar with the brand, well, then the boat makes a logical extension of the brand. And for those boat buyers who may not have been aware of this particular take on luxury watches, well, then it exposes those folks to the Le Locle manufacturer and widens those horological horizons. As to me, no, I won't be parking one of these boats in my driveway anytime soon. Something like the sophisticated take on the humble dive watch, as we have with the Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver, now that I could see showing up in the watch box some day.

Voutilainen GMR Watch For 2015

Voutilainen GMR Watch For 2015

As you can see by these photos, the Fiona Krüger Celebration Skull very much hews to the aesthetic of the celebration. It follows the basic geometry established in the earlier watches, and adds the use of colorful lacquer (and superluminova) to the three-layer dial. For me, this sort of juxtaposition of lively color and the epitome of mortality (a skull) is something I can certainly appreciate, though it's not a theme I personally am drawn to.

Why this particular brand (Guiliano Mazzouli) and watch? As it turns out, Lerner is actually an ambassador for the brand, and has a Mechanica in his personal collection. It makes sense, then, to have the links to match the watch. I think his statement on this really speaks to what is driving the brand:

None of this is terribly surprising, as Mr. Mayweather is a known lover of luxury watches - especially those of the blingy persuasion. Like some other celebrities who have made it big after coming from humble beginnings, Mayweather enjoys showing off his collection of luxuries and speaking about his timepieces that together form a massive assortment of watches worth well into the many millions of dollars. Articles on the Dupont Registry and the sports website SB Nation each detail some of Floyd Mayweather's typically richly diamond-studded watches.

The Breitling Chronoliner is water resistant to 100 meters and fitted with an AR-coated sapphire crystal. Inside the watch is the Breitling calibre 24, which is a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7754. This is a Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph with a GMT hand. Operating at 4Hz, the 7754 has about two days of power reserve. The movements in the Breitling Chronoliner watches are further all COSC Chronometer certified. The movement offers the time with a 12-hour chronograph and the date. I am actually happy to see that Breitling chose to use an ETA movement for the Breitling Chronoliner versus one of their in-house made movements. Not that their in-house movements are bad - but rather that they make for a very expensive watch. In addition to their ,000 plus watches, I think Breitling needs more options in the ,000 - ,000 range - which is hopefully where the 2015 Breitling Chronoliner is going to be priced.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Review

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Review

Time Warp Creations is a watch maker you've probably never heard of, but starting soon, the California-based company will be producing some incredibly odd timepieces, such as this Zymosis Lockdown watch. If this all looks very science-fiction comic book weird, then you are spot on with what Time Warp Creations was going for. TWC produces a series of comic book style products, and "luxury watches for geeks" are among what they offer. Their "flagship" product is the Time Warp Creations Zymosis Lockdown which is a rather intense looking watch inspired by the science fiction genre of zombie apocalypses - and it happens to come in four color variations.

Most pertinently, the design of the Uhrenfabrik Junghans Max Bill range brings to mind the Lambda by Nomos. This clinical, bauhaus-inspired, form-driven design is typically German, and something of which I am a huge fan. The layout is so easily digestible and so readily legible, it is almost invisible to the brain. Without the slightest distraction, it is possible to tell the time. But where did this classic come from and why should we care?

2. SevenFriday M2 Watch Review

At 46mm wide in mostly black with carbon fiber elements, the Raymond Weil Nabucco would not be what most people would think of if someone suggested to them that Raymond Weil was getting into the tourbillon business. The Raymond Weil Nabucco and Freelancer have been the brand's sportier options, while more classy models might have been a more logical choice for a tourbillon. With that said, I don't think I would have paid any attention at all if Raymond Weil decided to do something similar to Frederique Constant and come out with a lower-priced tourbillon. Well, in this case, that isn't the best example, because the Frederique Constant tourbillon is in-house made.

Nomos Minimatik & Tangente Automatik With New In-House DUW 3001 Movement Hands-On Hands-On
The second watch to receive the all-new DUW 3001 is the Nomos Tangente Automatik, a new version of Nomos' award winning best seller. Originally designed in 1992, the Nomos Tangente is likely the physical icon of Nomos' Bauhaus aesthetic. While the automatic Nomos Tangomat has been available since 2005, it has a 38mm case, which is some 3mm larger than that of the hand-wound Nomos Tangente. The Nomos Tangente Automatik, thanks to the use of the DUW 3001, maintains the very-successful 35mm sizing of the Nomos Tangente but adds automatic winding. Even in adding automatic winding, the Nomos Tangente Automatik is only 0.3 mm thicker than its hand-wound older brother, coming in at a remarkably thin 6.9 mm.

For those not aware, Snoopy, the dog from Charles Schulz's pop comic strip Peanuts, was co-opted by NASA as their safety mascot for the Apollo program. The Silver Snoopy award was given out by NASA to those who contributed towards the safety and success of the Apollo missions. In 1970, Omega was awarded the Silver Snoopy for their role in the Apollo program and this new Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award Limited Edition watch commemorates their role and the eventual safe return of the Apollo crew on April 17th, 1970.

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Updated Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar, PanoReserve Models For 2015 Watch Releases

Tomorrow on May 2, 2015, world boxing champions Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will fight in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand - and you know the luxury industry will be there too. Hublot's tenacity in working with a range of sports that the more conservative Swiss watch industry has traditionally shunned continues to pay off, and today, Hublot gifted a unique watch to Floyd Mayweather and also announced that the champ will be wearing the Hublot logo on his trunks during the fight - apparently, the first time Mayweather has ever worn a company image or name in such a way.

It isn't totally uncommon for watch design to be inspired in part by music, but I think it is a topic that at least some brands should explore more - especially outside the context of very expensive watches such as minute repeaters that actually chime. Musical instruments are a lot like timepieces in that they are a niche breed of beautiful tools which inspire a lot of passion. I don't see why more watches shouldn't be inspired or connected to the world of music or musical instruments. Maybe that is a crazy idea, but given Raymond Weil's love of the subject as a brand, it might be something fruitful for them to explore a bit more.

Without having tested the Olio smartwatch operating system in much detail, it is difficult to sum it up or discuss what it is like to live with it. More on that in the future... What I can talk about is the bigger picture of what Olio is trying to do with how users conceptualize interacting with the watch and making the best use out of the notification system.

When Apple debuted the Apple Watch, the only pricing information they released was the starting price of the 38mm Apple Watch Sport which would be priced at 9. This led to wild speculation for months over what the full price range of the Apple Watch would be - especially when it came to the various 18k gold cased Apple Watch Edition models. I've speculated that the Apple Watch could be priced as high as ,000 in 18k gold with a full gold bracelet.

Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art Savoirs Enluminés Watches With 'Illuminated' Dials Watch Releases

Why such a wealth of douchebags? Where did all the posers crawl out from? Watch Amish probably doesn't have the answer to that, but certainly feels that they are obnoxious enough to very cleverly make fun of them in an agreeable and non-confrontational way. I'll suggest a few answers though. Let's begin with the assumption that there are only so many hardcore dedicated watch nerds out there who are ardently interested in the ins and outs of horology, movement mechanics, production techniques, and the intricacies of dial and case design. This specialist community (which I am more than likely a member of) is no doubt limited in numbers, and probably among the only people who love watches for being watches. Everyone else who likes watches pretty much enjoys what wearing a watch means. And what it often means is that you have money. Success and good taste is another story.

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The "Frost" name of the MB&F LM101 Frost refers to the particular finishing technique applied to the dial. MB&F points out that the dial of the MB&F LM101 Frost watch is actually the back of the movement's mainplate. "Frosted" surfaces are a texture you don't seen very often on today's watches, but movements are where you would normally see it. In rare instances, you'll find frost-finished surfaces such as on watches from Roger Smith like this George Daniels 35th Anniversary Watch.

Housed in a 45 by 37.6 millimeter-wide and 12 millimeter-thick white gold or rose gold case, the scene is set for the hands to perform their dance. As Parmigiani explains, "a cam at the centre of the movement determines a certain length which is then replicated a number of times across the entire hand." In other words, "the shape of this central cam provides the information required to move and adjust the hand as it pursues its course around the dial."

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First up, we have the Da Luca Straps Yin (5). Often, when you pick up a new strap, you are limited to a single color. With this one however, you have a two-tone pattern that is reminiscent of the Yin and Yang symbol. This is a great option, as it can work as both a brown and a black strap – think of it like the variability of a reversible belt, without the reversing.