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Montblanc Grand Tourbillon Heures Mysterieuses Is Like A Watch In A Tuxedo Watch Releases
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Montblanc Grand Tourbillon Heures Mysterieuses Is Like A Watch In A Tuxedo Watch Releases
Minerva WW2 WWII Stopwatch 7 Jewels Partly Functional FOR PARTS OR TO BE FIXED
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De Bethune DBS Digital: A Calendar Watch For The New Year

De Bethune DBS Digital: A Calendar Watch For The New Year

The Tiffany & Co. Mark T-57 is not without its flaws or drawbacks. My feelings are that the Mark T-57 gets a lot of good points, but seems to have missed a couple of things that watch lovers focus on, instead tending to the fashion conscious a bit more. Lets look at the bracelet first, which is very nice to look at. There is a bit of a loose fit where the bracelet attached to the lugs. Most people wouldn't even notice this, but a perfect bracelet fits perfectly between the lugs with the case. More importantly is the fit of the bracelet. There is no minor adjustment ability. You have the ability to remove links (with screwed pins), but no other type of adjustment options. For me, the watch is either a bit too loose, or a bit too tight. This will depend on your specific wrist of course. Many watches feature more marginal adjustments, which are one of the things that watch lovers look for. It would not have been too difficult for Tiffany & Co. to provide a "half link" that is smaller than a normal link for more precise fitting.

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Here is another new Edox watch for 2009, the Grand Ocean Decentrique Date Automatic. If you aren't sure about the "decentrique" part of the name, just see how the face itself is "decentered." Yes, putting the suffix "ique" on just about anything gives you the ability to charge a 10-20% premium when selling it. Its a marketing fact (no its not actually).  Sarcasm aside, the watch is pretty nice, and gives me the hopes of owning a styling asymmetrical faced watch that I might actually be able to afford someday (you hear that Audemars Piguet Millenary collection?). Actually, the Audemars Piguet watch is not decentered but rather has two elliptical dials that create the appearance of being asymmetric while the watch face is still centered.

'Real Avant Garde' German Temption CGK204 Watch Available Sales & Auctions

Yea, I don't know what Jaeger LeCoultre was thinking behind this new idiotic marketing direction which is aimed squarely at one response from consumer. "Wait, what is Jaeger LeCoultre saying?" Self admittedly, Jaeger LeCoultre is stating that there seems to be some problem in the consumer's perception of the brand. So when you are checking out their advertisements, of course you aren't going to focus on the watch, but rather this relatively insulting question.

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aBlogtoRead.com has seen a lot of change, and I hope that this trend continues for the better. Over the summer, I wrote aBlogtoRead.com's  "300 articles published" announcement. That seemed like a big number at the time. Pretty soon I will lose count, but here is a way for you to catch up a bit. I've added a new feature on the site that some of you are bound to have missed. It is pretty cool actually. Look over on the navigation bar to the right. There is a newer section called "Random aBlogtoRead.com Article." Underneath the heading is the title, which is a link to an aBlogtoRead.com article that you might have missed. Each time you visit aBlogtoRead.com, a new random article will automatically show up in that space . It even works if you reload the site from your browser. I think it is a great way to help introduce content to you, that you'd otherwise have to go back countless pages to retrieve.

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Casio Raises The Bar Again With Tough Recalibrating Radio Controlled Movement Using LED Precision System  Watch Buying
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The second reason for having a reserve is psychological, and has to do with our natural desire to want to compete. An auction starting at ,000 for an item with a ,000 value is far less interesting than one that starts at .00 for the same item. Starting an auction with a low opening bid is an excellent way to get people excited and bidding. Once people start to bid (being attracted by a low opening bid), the idea is that they will start to compete with each other to "win." The mental need to win, combined with the desire for the item they are bidding together creating a very healthy bidding environment. For this reason, the reserve price has a decent purpose and is often used. However, this ideal situation of having a bidding frenzy that seller's get excited about is less common than you might think. The reality is that only the most desirable items are able to enjoy a large bidding war that exceeds the reserve price. Most items placed with a reserve price do not sell.

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This reminds me a lot of Disney, I don't know why. The already hip Casio G-Shock line is not old enough to have classics, vintage watches, and now nostalgia. These three new Casio G-Shock characters are based on three popular Casio G-Shock models from the 1980s, back when G-Shock was young and impressionable. The models are the 1987 DW-5600 (revised as the GW-5600), the 1985 DW-5500, and the 1989 G-5500 (updated as the AWG-5500 and AW-500). At this time, you can't buy the characters, but you might be lucky enough to see them at your local Casio G-Shock retailer (right now only if you are in Japan). The characters as so new that they don't even have names yet. More than likely they will be titles with boss like titles from the Mega Man game series. This is basically what they look like, which is cool! Below, you can see the watch that these characters are based on.

Triple Watch Mobile Phone Concept By Manon Maneenawa: A Realistic Phone Watch Luxury Items Typically concept phone/watch combinations are intriguing, but so far away from practicality or the limits of current technology that they are only worth a brief glance. Then there are those things that actually look as though they could work with what we have today. This is why I am excited about the Triple Phone Watch concept.

The Welder K26 line of watches has a number of different designs in chronograph and three-hand models (which Welder simply refers to as "data"). The new series come with four interchangeable filters that are red, light blue, lime green, and cream yellow. You simple unscrew the filter (which is placed over the crystal), and screw on a new one. The effect is a vastly different look for the watches, making them a better fit with your mood or outfit. This might be a very "fashion" orientated approach to watch wearing, you have to admit that sometime you want a watch the goes with your outfit.

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I've always been a fan of the Corum Admiral's Cup lines of watch, the more modern versions that is. The watch is meant to celebrate the Admiral's Cup yacht race, that you've only heard about if you are known in some circles as "admiral," or are currently wearing deck shoes. The trademark of the watches are the flags that have been used as hour indicators. Oh, and the chronograph seconds hand that was apparently fashioned from a cocktail drink stirrer. Which of course goes with boating.

All in all it is a rather regal looking timepiece. The Maxi Marine collection has always had a turn of the century  (not this last one) nautical look, and the 43mm wide platinum case and black alligator strap are sure to result in a wealthy look. The target audience is bound to love the watch, as it celebrates a time in Russia of which it's people are proud. As much as they don't like to admit I think most countries are proud of their Imperialistic eras.

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aBlogtoRead: LUM-TEC fans and customers might be die-hard watch enthusiasts, but the majority of them aren't professional designers. What is your advice to them when presenting ideas to LUM-TEC (or any watch company for that matter) so that their thoughts will be sufficiently visualized?

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A. Lange & Söhne Glashutte Manufacture Visit Part 1: German Luxury Watch Region And History Inside the Manufacture

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The Techy & Innovative Automatic Caliber CFB A1000 Watch Movement From Carl F. Bucherer

The Techy & Innovative Automatic Caliber CFB A1000 Watch Movement From Carl F. Bucherer

You know Woot.com right? It's the popular deal-a-day website which offers just one very good deal a day. If you miss it, there is no going back. Well, countless Woot.com competitors have popped up, often focusing on some market niche. Here though, is the watch version, and it is very well done. ChronoShark.com (just launched in December 2008) is the place to go for a super daily watch deal. It was started by the people who do DiamondShark.com (I am sure you can guess the idea is there too).

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Most of you probably get some sense of tingle looking at this watch, I know that I do. While this would not be a daily wear for me, it is just the type of thing any-well-to do man or woman wants in their safe for those special occasions, meriting a wear of the "president," the "platinum president." Retail soars at over ,000, but this piece is being offered brand new at a scant ,900 out of Florida. Check it out on JamesList.com here.

A. Lange & Söhne Glashutte Manufacture Visit Part 1: German Luxury Watch Region And History

A. Lange & Söhne Glashutte Manufacture Visit Part 1: German Luxury Watch Region And History

Today I am going to look at something of an icon for Rolex. This is a version of the Rolex Day-Date (because it displays the day and date), also known as the Rolex President. The reason this watch is known as the President, is because a few American Presidents were known to wear the watch, and thus it garnered the name. You can imagine that Rolex was thrilled about this distinction. Aside from being a "standard" Day-Date, this watch has a case and bracelet that is constructed from platinum. Then you have the applied diamond bezel as well as hour markers. That makers for quite the blingy, yet serious Rolex watch. This is pretty much what you get when you take Rolex and Luxury in a small room and tell them they have a few hours to kill.

Veni Vidi Vici's own site is a bit unclear as to the movements they use. Actually, the site could use some work. I think they themselves mistake "chronograph" with "chronometer." Still, the watches are pretty cool. The three-hand watches appear to use a Swiss automatic movement, while the chronograph apparently uses a Swiss quartz movement. I like the clarity of the watch face. The watch hands design appears to be taken directly from such watches as the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or a Patek Philippe Nautilus. So there are nice influences at work here.

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Most of the time, the person designing the modified watch, and the person doing the work are different. Various watch modifiers exist and each have different specialties and prices. The best combination is having an imaginative mind with knowledge of the available parts, combined with a good watch modder who can do the work.

As you drive by the Glashutte watch museum on the way to the A. Lange & Sohne buildings along the charming streets. Chimneys pipe smoke as snow-lined roofs line the hills. This was all very story book looking. I noticed how dedicated Lange is to the city, and to the region for that matter. From sponsorships to philanthropic events, Lange is part of the people and appears to contribute regularly. They do this because the people there are Lange. Over 500 employees now make up Lange's workforce, and the retention rate among employees is legendary. Aside from the obvious international sales of their watches, everything is located in Germany. It is Saxony's own master watchmaker, born and bred. The image of the A. Lange & Sohne advertisement referencing Saxony is located in the Dresden airport, and nicely sums up a distinct character trait of the brand. In Glashutte next to the factory is a long banner on a fence that details the history of the brand to passing drivers. You can't read everything in one pass, but the point is to educate locals as they drive by from day to day - maintaining a sense of local pride.

There is also the matter of the machine engraving on the watch dials. The application here is subtle compared to offerings from lauded masters such as Benzinger, but certainly add a welcome character to the watches. The idea is to decorate the otherwise functional face without distracting you too much. Through texturing and the application of small gold portions, you get a very simple look, but with a high degree of detail and perceived refinement.

Rolex Yachtmaster

What I really like about this watch is the cohesiveness of the design and the nice features. To me, this is what the quintessential Japanese mechanical diving watch should be. Seiko was finally able to take everything people loved about Japanese styled diving watches and combine them together into one watch that absolutely typifies the theme. You aren't buying a Japanese copy of a Swiss watch, you are getting something that is pure Japanese refinement from the look of the dial and hands to the philosophy in the movement (which has a wonderfully smooth seconds hand unlike cheaper automatic movements). Seiko watches have always preferred functionality over form, but a style has developed overtime. One of these elements is the 4 o'clock position of the crown, as well as the large number indexes and no nonsense bezel. Inside the face you'll notice a sloped chapter ring with minute increment marks that make the watch easy to read, and happens to add a nice 3-D look to the watch. Further, the rich luminant on the face and hands are a bright plus as seen in the video above.

Rare Flagship Marcello C. Senatore Chronograph Watch Available Watch Releases

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Bavarian Crono Offers Volkswagen Instrument Panel Homage Collection Of Watches (1946-1970s) Watch Releases
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Bavarian Crono Offers Volkswagen Instrument Panel Homage Collection Of Watches (1946-1970s) Watch Releases
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