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The fully-polished case demonstrates Vacheron Constantin’s design prowess, both past and present. The tear drop lugs, popular throughout the 1950’s, are striking. Viewed from above, the lugs are perfectly proportioned, lending the watch a dose of retro character. While hardly used by today’s brands (Kari Voutilainen is a notable exception), I would like to see more brands incorporate shaped lugs into their dress watch designs, especially when they’re going for the retro look.

Jaquet Droz Bird Repeater Automaton Watch

Jaquet Droz Bird Repeater Automaton Watch

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Baume & Mercier Clifton Complete Calendar Watch Review

Baume & Mercier Clifton Complete Calendar Watch Review

Guide To Buying Your First Rolex Part 1:<br>When To Buy Watch Buying

For starters, it's mounted on a suspension. Take a look at the four corners of the case, and note the carbon fiber brackets extending out. These are mounted, with cone-shaped springs, in such a way as to act as a shock absorber. Flip the watch over, and you see how it got its name - there are two rotors under the movement.

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Dominique Loiseau Dead: Master Watchmaker Leaves Strong Legacy Watch Industry News

With 500m water resistance, this Magrette can stay on wrist for nearly any aquatic activity but the Tiki's lack of a countdown bezel excludes it from most sport or professional dive timing duties. Magrette is manufacturing an initial batch of 200 units for each color variation with the total production being limited to no more than 600 units per version. The Magrette Regattare Tiki is quite reasonably priced at 5 USD for either of the stainless models and 5 for the PVD Tiki (pre-orders are available). This sub 0 pricing makes the Regattare Tiki 0 - 0 less than most of its micro-brand competition and it is definitely worthy of your attention. The Magrette Regattare Tiki looks like a great deal on a sport/dive watch with solid styling, more-than-ample water resistance, and a solid automatic movement. magrette.com

Baselworld 2013: Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon

Baselworld 2013: Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on November 31, 2012 for the winner to be chosen at random.

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The dial basically is silver - at least that is what the manufacturer says - but it does show up in several fairly different shades. Occasionally it appears nearly completely white, sometimes it is a deep silverish in color, while at other times it has a beige tone to it. I learned that it highly depends on the lighting conditions such as direct sunlight, sunset, or when indoors - these all make for greatly different colors. It is a minor thing, but definitely is a treat to see the dial show up a little different every time.

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The watch was released in combination with the debut of the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale (God there are a lot of Gallardo versions) super car. Apparently it is based on the race car from the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo race (yes, an actual Blancpain sponsored race featuring Lamborghinis). While the Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale car is limited to 150 pieces, this is not a limited edition.

Titanium is the obvious choice for the 45mm wide (15.32mm thick) case as it is strong and light, but not so dense as to terribly retard the sound of the chimes. Platinum apparently is a terrible choice for minute repeaters. The case is modern looking yet simple. It serves merely as a frame for the movement. Little touches inside of the movement are what matter. On the dial you'll see a trio of distinctive looking bridges on the calibre TRD98 manually wound movement. Claret calls these "Charles X bridges" as they were inspired by pocket watches from Charles X. On the dial you also have a tourbillon, and above it, a skeletonized view of the mainspring barrel. Skeletonizing mainspring barrels allows you to see the spring inside it and know if the watch needs to be wound (judged by how tight the spring is). The movement has a power reserve of about 72 hours.

Arguably even more iconic than the Submariner, the Omega Speedmaster Professional is just about as important a watch as there will ever be.  It was worn on the moon, for chrissakes!

Baselworld 2013: TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber 36 Flyback Chronographs Watch Releases

A few weeks back, Swatch treated us to an unveiling of their all-new Scuba Libre novelty collection – a fun assortment of brightly colored models with a decidedly aquatic theme.  Scuba Libre’s tag line is “Mad About The Sea,” and Swatch put together this artistic video (commercial) interpretation of our obsession with the whimsical underwater world to coincide with the release.  It is impressively well done, and interestingly a similar concept to the ill-fated TechnoMarine "Ocean Addict" campaign that was short lived while Vincent Perriard was the CEO. Swatch has adopted the concept very successfully. Have a look below. (sorry iPhone/iPad, the video may not come through for you - it's worth checking out on another device)

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Hands: Blued steel

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The Tissot Luxury Automatic Watches For 2013 Watch Releases

Is there a risk of losing a Tudor sale to Rolex? Probably not, since Tudor watches are appreciably less expensive and feature totally unique designs at this point in their product history.

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Since we are looking at the high-end G-Shocks here, we can rightfully be looking for durability to be backed up with an extended array of functions - with easier access to them. Casio has been well aware of that, so the GW-A1100 will sport the Smart Access system to enable intuitive operation of the various functions - this should make using World Time, the stopwatch and the alarm easier and faster. As a final enhancement to the overall user-experience, these functions will be easy to get the most out of with the crown switch, which has a quick-lock mechanism enabling simple lock-and-release. You can see the crown side of the watch in high-resolution after clicking on the image above.

As little as the consumer feels sometimes, watch brands are listening to what people are saying and asking - the T-Touch Expert Solar is one of those examples. We will continue to cover the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar watch as we get more information. Until then, we hope that you'll look forward to the release of the ultimate T-Touch watch to-date. Price will likely be within ,000 - ,500. shoptissot.com

LAST CHANCE: Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Watch Giveaway

LAST CHANCE: Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Watch Giveaway

As a fashionable watch that is relatively versatile, the Glam Rock SoBe Tachymeter 44mm is actually a solid choice. It isn't a bad watch, it just isn't for dedicated watch snobs. It is however a pretty good wrist companion for a lot of other types of people - doing what it was designed to do rather well. I would have liked for the price to be a bit lower. The collection starts at under 0 for the steel-toned versions on a strap going up to over ,000 with a version that has a diamond-studded bezel. The yellow gold toned model on the bracelet retails for 5. At that price Glam Rock faces a lot of competition from brands that even offer Swiss mechanical watches. None look exactly like this model, but the competition is still fierce. The SoBe Tachymeter 44mm watch might not be for the hardcore wrist watch enthusiast, but it nevertheless a good looking and loud watch that is emotionally satisfying on a (at least my own) wrist. Visit the Glam Rock site here.

This year, one of the new watches that Tudor will be introducing is the Heritage Chrono Blue, which is a direct homage to a popular 1970s Tudor watch, the reference 7169, which is also known as the Tudor "Monte Carlo Chronograph." This is also a spin-off of the very successful Heritage Chrono which was launched at Basel World 2010.

When you think of watches associated with space (and space programs), it probably calls to mind the Omega Speedmaster, or perhaps the Poljot Strela. Did you know that Breitling also has a watch associated with the great space race of the mid-20th century? It did, and Breitling is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the watch's flight into space.